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How can Joyful Memories help you?

Sometimes we would like to remember significant events in our lives. For example, a Wedding, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Graduation, Sporting Occasion, Birthday celebration, pets or the passing of a loved one? I’m sure you can think of many more.

Do you have lots of treasured photographs or old slides tucked away in a shoebox or on a computer that you haven’t enjoyed in a while? Whilst looking at old ‘paper’ photos can be great and nostalgic, they look a lot better when shown on a large screen with accompanying music that suits the occasion.

Why not bring those wonderful memories back again by transforming them into an enchanting Slideshow DVD that tells your story in style? I can produce for you a “Storybook” of your still photos and digital video clips. This can be a series of childhood photographs right through to adult photographs of your loved one, including other family members, friends or even pets. This will depict a timeline of the life of the person who is subject of the show. The photographs are carefully and creatively edited to improve faded colours; repair blemishes, correct ‘red eye’ and remove unwanted distractions. Afterwards, I will pair the photos together with music of your choice. The music can be comprised of complete songs or merely portions of songs; it maybe that you only like one verse or the chorus of a particular song. I can edit the music to include just a few seconds if necessary. The music you choose will be perfectly synchronised with your photos and special effects applied to make a dazzling video montage which will be provided to you on DVD that you will be able to view on your TV or computer. Additionally, I will also include digital versions of your old paper photos so that you can have new prints produced from them in the future. You will also be able to view the digital copies on the TV or computer screen.

The price quoted for the final product is for two copies of the show on either Blu Ray discs or standard definition DVD’s.

Some examples of recently completed  Video Photo Montages can be found here:

Wedding Wall video

Wedding Wall video
This was an item I created to add to a slideshow celebrating a Wedding Anniversary