The Process

Creating these shows is very time-consuming and many hours are spent ensuring that the finished product meets with your requirements and expectations. After the initial contact with you to determine those requirements, I will start the first build of the show. This is likely to involve me scanning your photographs if they are provided as paper photos. They have to be scanned because I need digital copies of the photos to work with. Whether the photos that you provide are paper or digital, once I have them, I will colour correct them where necessary; crop them as required (this will not affect your original photos, don’t worry) remove blemishes such as creases and remove ‘red eye’ if present. Please be aware that although I can improve the appearance of old faded photos, I cannot improve the quality of a photo that is blurred as a result of low light and camera shake.
I then put the photos into the order specified by you and then put a copy online in order that you can review it to identify any alterations or errors that need correcting. Once we have finalised the correct slide order, I will add music, special effects and any text or captions requested by you.
I will provide you with two copies of the final product on either Blu Ray or standard DVD which will have a printed surface containing an image of your choice and text as appropriate.

If you wish to use this service, please read on.

What You Have to Do:

● Email or phone me to discuss your project.
● Gather your photographs and number them in pencil on the reverse in the order you would like them to be  seen. Video clips should be edited to the exact segments that you want to use. I cannot edit them for you as I am liable to miss out something that you may feel is pertinent and because I have no knowledge of the event, I may not be aware of the relevance of a particular moment. The photos and video should then be transferred to either DVD or to a USB memory stick. I do not have the facilities to work with any type of tape. Digital photos really need to be a minimum of 1Mb in size (else the quality can often be too poor). Please rename digital photos and video clips with the number of the position that they should appear in. For example, fortyseven.jpg
● Package everything up carefully and send to Joyful Memories at the address that I will provide once we have made contact. If you live nearby, you could bring them to me.

What I will do:

● Upon receipt of your package I will confirm its arrival with you via email or phone and clarify any questions I may have. I will also give you an estimated time of completion.
● I will create your show using some of the most advanced software available including Adobe Photoshop, Bluff Titler and ProShow Producer.
● When your project is at a final draft stage I will provide you with a private link for you to preview it online.
● I will put on any finishing touches you request and post the completed discs together with all your materials, back to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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